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For past one hour, I had been gazing at my computer screen with my mind running in an idle mode with endless ideas regarding

“ What should be my first post? ”

Should it be something unique or just an article as usual. In order to save time, which I was indeed wasting it, I made small hints of my first entry in note pad of mine which I usually carry along with me. But to my dismay, nothing was working out for me. I just scrunched the paper of my pad into a ball and heaved it at the only dustbin lying in my room. I had been doing this repeatedly.


But they say a successful writer needs to invent characters to make his story original and let the characters determine the other half of the story. But in my case, there was neither a story to scribble nor any characters to play the rest of the part. I knew I was getting to a dead-end.

I thought a small break would indeed help me out. I left everything and decided to take a walk.

After hours of strolling, I have decided to start my blog with a mere introduction of myself. How a book starts from a prologue and I wished my blog should start with an introduction to my readers.

So here it goes. My name is G Rahul Rathi. By profession I am a marine engineer, but I have landed my shoes in various fields including graphic designing. My parents each of them had some different plans for me. One had a desire to see me as a software engineer and the other a doctor. But I myself never knew what my goal was until I met one of my friend who guided me towards merchant navy.

Writing had been my favourite hobby all through my college days. I had been an introvert and I always preferred books as my closet friend as it neither complained nor argued and let anyone engulf in them completely without any bias, such that one forgets himself and his immediate surroundings.
I have planned to write on anything which pleases my mind. I hope you readers will definitely drop by in near future to see what’s happening on my side. I would really love to see your comments on my post and if am wrong at any part of my content, I would appreciate your help to give me corrective suggestions on the same.

Thank you for dropping by.

P.S. Will try my best to upload my original pictures rather than downloading it from online.