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Life is really difficult being alone,
But its quite easy to be unknown.
Walking on a path that leads nowhere,
Living on a corner in complete despair.

Curbing yourself in your own nut-shell,
Oh, it just feels like dwelling in a hell.
Avoiding everyone of your age,
Believe me, you should choose a squirrel cage.

Withdraw yourself from being reserve,
Thrash the bondage if you got a nerve.
Times running and before it chokes you,
Open up with others if you have to.

Learn the art of mingling around,
Before you find your ship aground.
Screw your thoughts and stop being shy,
Jump in the air and give a hi-five.

Stop being timid and an introvert,
Life is fresh in the world of an extrovert.
This is what I wanted to convey,
Life is lively if you think the other way.

P.S. I dont feel being an introvert is deplorable. But taking into consideration of my profession as a seafarer, it is. It may not be applicable to everyone else. I am no way near mortifying the clan of introverts because I am one among you guys.