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Thank you for having a look at this post. Unlike other entries of mine, this is not a figment of my imagination. This is something which didn’t just happen. It was a part of me and it had been clinging along, ever since I tried to understand women. Today, I wish to address the whole clan of women, who have always paired with men, in developing a nation as a whole. I am here, to exchange thoughts of every man who shares the same notion as mine with respect to the term Feminism, which is lurking in the irreconcilable minds of today’s younger generation of women. This message is solely directed towards the extremists groups who have radical thoughts regarding manhood. My message below is not intended to affront anyone or any women in particular.


Respected SHE,

I really didn’t have any other channel or means to start a conversation with you. So, I had to opt for today’s modern communication to get hold of you and share my sentiments and beliefs in regards to your gender.  
Before I elucidate my point and introduce myself, I would like to express my gratitude, for your altruistic service for the development of the nation. You have always played a significant role in the life of a man and for which, I salute you. Who am I? Well, just another human being, who has his heart and brain at the right place.

Whenever I fan the pages of the newspaper every morning, I often find reports and columns explicating and citing violence’s on your kind. It varies from sexual assault, rape, molestation, domestic violence and child abuse. The list never ends.  The media statistics say that for every three minutes, at least one woman is sexually assaulted somewhere in the world. That’s quite outrageous and pitiable. I completely sympathize with my whole heart for you individuals.  I know nothing could be done to bring your life on track after being a victim in such atrocious and satanic incidents. The situation further worsens by the taunts of the society you dwell in. I would certainly run out of words in the effort of providing relief in your affliction. Because whatever I say, will always be short in comparison to the well of tears running down your faces.  The faces, whose souls are completely tattered and ruined to the core and whose eyes, reflect every signs of despair and pessimism. What still remains alive in you is your pumping heart, which is completely engulfed with aggressiveness and hostility. The hatred and detestation towards the men has been piling up one layer after another in every cell of your brain, such that what really echoes in the head of the present generation of your women is feminism.

But what is the term Feminism? Just ask any individual on the streets regarding this. They would give you mixed response, either a strange look or a blank stare. The reason being, nobody knows the real meaning behind it. They just visualize feminist as a group of aggressive women fighting for their rights. Is that really what it is? Maybe even you are confused??

Let me clarify and make it comprehensible for everyone. Back in the early 19th century, a group of educated women down in the west ran a campaign against the government for women suffrage, right for land and to bring reforms in both economic and political life. That what little started by the group of feminist, has completely changed the face of womanhood all over the world, be it politics or science or technology. But you have a different perception regarding the term feminism. Being frank, you people don’t understand the real phenomenon behind it.

Few people do believe feminism is good and should be supported. That includes me even. Yes, I am feminist because I believe in equality. Being egalitarian is being feminism by nature. I support equal rights for everyone and there shouldn’t be any bias based on sex gender.  This humanism is what feminism should be. I presume you would have read or listened to the speech of Emma Watson, the Britain girl, at the UN headquarters. She has been named as an ambassador for a campaign supporting feminism wherein, she clearly explained every bit of the present situation circling among men and women. If you haven’t listened, I kindly request you to do that in the first place. 

Back in elementary school, if a boy led a class, he is respected and everyone walks hand in hand with him. But, if a girl is asked to lead them, believe me that would raise many eyebrows. The boys consider this as a demotion and far below their dignity to even listen to her. Such sexism inculcates the seeds of feminism in the innocent minds of the girls. That’s where the feminism starts. That’s where gender equality is questioned. That’s where one has to fight against such ridicule. Sexism at the foundation level??… That’s quite miserable and unfortunate. Imagine this spreading at the global stance. I certainly fight for this cause and even you should fight for that.

But in reality, what you project in the public is just misandry. Problems can only be solved by looking into all the options and sharing opinions with the government. Instead, you just rant and complain rather than actively bring the cause into effect. You tend to flaunt your aggressiveness and bluster your power among us. You unknowing or knowingly send an “Anti-Men” message to all the people. Because of you, the younger generation has listed Men as their biggest turn off. I sternly request you not to stereotype men. If a person is nice to you or pleases you, it doesn’t mean, he wants to have a glimpse of what lies underneath your skirt. It doesn’t mean, he wants to get into your pants at the end of the day. I don’t want to be hypocrite here. Yes, we men are quite intriguing sometimes. We are often attracted to things which we don’t possess. But, it doesn’t mean, we are desperate and dangerously violent. It doesn’t mean we are just alive to hit on you. We surely have better things to do rather than gaze at the bodily things which infants have access to. We are trying to rise in every aspect of our live coequally with you. We just need you to trust us. The movement of feminism was actually established to put an end to gender inequality. But I have seen many women degrading your own gender. So, tell me, seriously, how you could expect us to be feminist when you aren’t. 

I have met some feminist who led their group effectively solving issues of the today’s generation ranging from women social welfare, child care, reforms in laws and safety on streets etc. But there are few groups, who just targets men and pulverize the harmony prevailing in the society. Let’s assume, a woman had a consensual sex with her male colleague. After a certain rift at a workplace, they stopped speaking to each other. Adding to his dismay, she takes revenge on him and files a case in the court for molestation and rape against him. In majority, the verdict will always be in favor of the women because the court doesn’t take any risk of the repercussions that might follow in giving a wrong judgment. Clearly, I don’t see any justice in that. Even the law and order in the country seemed to be compromised. There are other examples similar to this, covering the cases of alimony after dissolution of a successful marriage. Your mere hate campaign has shadowed our existence. Today we walk in fear as well. Even we are sexually abused. But those things doesn’t find its way to the surface. We both have our own share of problems. We need to walk hand in hand and support each other rather than defaming and mortifying one another. You might find my above statement as illogical. But, if we don’t draw in proper conclusion… a mutual solution, problems will keep accreting and piling up on the desk, as a series of unsolved issues in someone’s office. 

So, I really want you to contemplate on this ongoing issue. You have to direct your group to accomplish something good for the world. I have found the difference and I kindly request you to instill the same thoughts and bring the change for the betterment of the future generation, right from the elementary school. Let’s not worry about the community who is restraining our movement and dampening our spirits. Let’s rise against them, together as a team. Let’s not support Patriarchy or Matriarchy, let’s believe in being egalitarian. I have written the above message in different states of mind. Yes, I am furious, dejected and I am in sorrow as I have lost someone really precious. But I have written this in complete conscience.

The whole debate ends up in one single question now. Are you ready to fight for the cause in each other’s company? Or you still want to be on the other side of the wall ranting about your problems. Standing at the edge,it’s finally on you to decide… either to put a full stop or a comma to all this menace.

Yours Sincerely,