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It crawled slowly to the heart from my mind,
Deep within it minced my flesh so unkind.
There was no sign of compassion in its eyes,
Since, it was a fiend in disguise.

It budged ahead with a wicked frown,
Sniggered and mangled as it tore down.
I felt a twinge in my body as a whole,
But it wont stop, till it pierced my soul.

I cried for help but found myself alone,
Where were all my Friends I had known.
Depressed and dejected I stood still,
Merciless as it prepared for its next set of thrill.

Was this all for real or my imagination,
As I laid there in complete desolation.
I knew things were wrong within me,
Trembling I faced the stinging bee.

I did recall the delightful past,
Just wondered if the present needed a recast.
Life was lively and filled with great expedition,
But had to sort out this sudden transition.

Had a throng of friends to rely upon,
Would lend me their shoulder right on.
Years had passed and bond lost its flavor,
Everything changed the day I became a sailor.

The devil gave its final strike,
Aghast, I brought it down with my expectations pike.
There it lay with its legs apart,
Lying still with its bleeding heart.

Finally, I gave a serious thought,
For all the things yet to be sought.
Many more would arise from my expectations end,
Beforehand , I have to learn the art to mend.