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It was twilight. The canvas of the sky was smeared with strings of orange and red hues, which transmogrified the entire sheet of the blue with its arms. The grey clouds above parted and drifted in the direction of the wind. The ambiance was filled with chirping of birds, which flew back to their nests and humming of dragonflies which hovered all over the ground. The air was dense and the afternoon heat was replaced with cool breeze which swayed intermittently.

The sun tardily dipped behind the horizons and midst the fading scenery, two souls were so engrossed in each other that they were completely oblivious to their immediate surroundings. With their ankles crossed, they were seated an inch away, on one of the benches placed aesthetically. They gazed at the sun as it sank leaving behind a swirl of colors and, slowly the sounds of the birds ceased followed by a pure silence.


He sat on her left, quietly shuffling his legs beneath. After having spent three days with her, he knew the time which had remained still and static this long, had started ticking finally.  Though he had just met her now, he had imagined this moment thousand times before in his head. He still had many things to say to her, his thoughts, his fears, his feelings… but he couldn’t muster enough courage to form sentences into a soulful speech. Instead, he glanced at her clandestinely.

A sudden gust of air ruffled and tousled her silky hair, which caressed her neck and flew in wild directions. Plying her long strands of hair gently with her slender fingers, she glimpsed at the moon which had just arrived, shining on her, paving way for a silvery face for him to gaze at. She looked lovely in her attire as her soft skin glowed in the moonlight. His eyes were transfixed on her thick eyelashes, which fluttered up and down whenever she blinked. It breathed life in her warm eyes, which were twinkling behind the square framed spectacles. Her eyes were sunk deep in a bundle of thoughts, yet to be divulged.
At that instant, she caught his eye. Before he could hide away his shyness, she forced a smile and touched his fingers. Their hands entwined the next second. He stared at her intensely. She looked prettier than his virtual image of hers, which he carried carefully for the past few months. She was just an ordinary girl but there was something in her eyes, mild and warm, which made him feel secure. He was at peace finally for having found the moon, while counting the stars. His quest for the treasure ended right there and now it was time for him to nurture it for eternity.

“‘Love hurts’ is the strongest misconception. What really hurts is betrayal which nobody sees it. Love instead, fills the gap and heals your wounds. Love is indestructible. Invisible, yet present everywhere. It isn’t an emotion which could be confined and locked in a box. It would definitely snap out as it’s boundless. Love lies within oneself. Never let it crumble with the weight of apprehensions. It’s something beautiful to be shared with others, by giving it a new meaning.”

This wisdom is what, radiated through her actions all these months. She gave a new definition to his life and today, love for her was flowing freely through his veins unrestricted.

She glimpsed at him and managed to look into his eye. But he gazed away. He had traveled all this far, just to be with her, but things didn’t turn out the way they had planned. She was disappointed of herself for letting him down. She wondered his quietness. Her telepathic communication failed to work this moment. She wanted him to say something, before he bid her farewell. Her grip on his hand grew even more firm. Her touch was sending a twirl of her emotions, trying to reach his heart. He could feel it, as it pierced through his palm, and commingled with the love for her running through his body, forming a strong bond which he longed for. His body shivered and he felt jitters down his spine.  He let go of her hand immediately and held the bench instead.

Surprised by his action, she asked him tensely, ‘Are you okay?’

He replied politely, ‘Sitting beside a girl who considers me as her world, why wouldn’t I?’

She just blinked and asked him, ‘Don’t you have anything to say after that?’

Her voice rumbled in the wind and the grasses behind hissed in response. She had to repeat what she asked. He didn’t know where to start and now, she looked at him profoundly, hoping for him to say something. He had numerous stuffs running in his head yet; he was stuck in his maze of thoughts and locked up in his own emotions.

He tilted his head to his right and said, ‘Baby, I had been imagining this moment for days with innumerable scenarios. I even formulated a speech and practiced my lines in front of a mirror hundred times, for all the things to be shared with you. I had been pondering over that repeatedly but it isn’t working. My mind is engulfed with myriad of sentences. Hence pardon my randomness.

Who would believe, what started as a virtual correspondence, would turn out to be something so amorous and divine. Your face had been a perfect virtual treat, which I had painted on the canvas of my conscious mind. I had longed to see you. I wanted to know if you were the same person who talked to me and wrote to me.  Lately, I had been thinking about you all the time. You had effectively camped your base in my brain (cerebellum or cerebrum or whatever) and I had lost complete control of myself. I wanted to see you in blood and flesh. I wanted to smell you, feel you and watch your lips say my name. I wanted to hear your voice..your laugh for real, which usually sent butterflies in my stomach. 

If you can, please put yourself in my shoes. You will realize how blessed I am.  These days with you was bliss. Though we hardly saw each other, I would still cherish the moments we shared. Few months back, I was content with my life. And then you stride in from nowhere. Being honest, I haven’t had such an intense emotional exchange with anyone before. Love usually overwhelms logic and your intrusion proved it right. I am sure you didn’t plan on falling for me hard. But I fell for you even harder. It was as if God himself wanted us to meet. We fell in love, despite our indelible differences.

I thank you for everything. I know our future is bleak. Your world is impenetrable but I still desire to conquer it. I came this far not to accept pity defeat. Baby, I want to grow old with you as I have seen a future quite beautiful by your side. Just don’t give up on me.’

His voice chocked and his eyes were rheumy by then. She was having mixed emotions. She tried to wipe away his tears but he avoided her touch. She took his hands and held it tight.

She said, ‘Please don’t thank me. Instead, I should thank you for accepting me without any bias.  You pulled me out of the drains and took me under your care. If I intend to speak out my heart, I would be talking forever. I don’t mind being ostentatious to myself saying no matter what, you won’t abandon me ever. When I look into your eyes, I feel as though I am home. That’s the surety you give. You made me realize what being in love truly is. I can lose myself from me but not you. Believe me; I just love you too much to think a future without you. I wish I could prove you through my actions and not just words.

Baby, I had fallen for you hard, well before you did. I had fallen for your contagious laugh, for your smile, for our midnight talks and for our jokes. I craved for your presence. You filled the void in my life with your kindness and support. Your love had seeped through my skin and diffused completely in the core of my bones. I had waited so long for you to come back and tell me that you love me.

Even knowing my flaws, you were there for me. You listened to my grievance, my anxieties and provided reasonable solutions. You handled my childishness, my anger and still never gave up on me. Even If I had a bad day, I was certain you would be there in the night to make me feel better. Distance means so little when two souls are half’s of a whole. You just amaze me every day and I know my love for you would always grow. I want it to bloom with the sunshine of your love.

Baby, I will never leave your side. I don’t see myself with anyone else, except you. In future, circumstances might break us many times, but always remember we will be together.’

Her inside churned and she felt her stomach lurch within. Her voice became heavy as she spoke further.

She continued, ‘Baby, when you leave tomorrow, please don’t cry. Miss me…. but don’t cry.  I really really really love you…… Always and forever……’

She broke down the next instant. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. He reached for her face and kissed her forehead. He washed away her tears and pulled her towards his chest. He hugged her tight until she sank down.

Softly, he whispered in her ears, ‘I love you too……Always and forever.’

She yanked and he looked into her tear stained face. Before he could say something, she placed her fingers on his lips. She pulled him closer and, angled her head to her side and kissed him softly. His legs trembled. Their hearts fluttered inside their chests. They could hear just one heartbeat. They opened up their lips more and their tongues mingled. They snogged as if it was their last and later walked all the way back home, with their hands entwined. Finally they knew, their bond was sealed for eternity.


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