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On board the ship, midst the hectic schedule of tiring and sweaty work, everyone manages to find few minutes for himself, away from displeasing noise of the engine and splosh of the waves. People in majority would tend to try their hand on something which they find pleasure in. I have seen many seafarers trying to learn musical instruments or getting themselves engrossed into writing or reading.

But I was always drawn towards expressing my thoughts through sketching. Initially, I started with crayons and slowly moved towards pencils. I liked drawing Portraits more than anything else. I used to draw people’s portrait and send them across on their birthday’s as a surprise gift. Though for a beginner it wasn’t perfect but they liked my effort.


For portrait sketching, I use Bianyo Pencils. Its one of the best quality pencils at an affordable price.  Its must for people who try to breathe life through their drawings. Its lead is smooth and the pencils are sturdy. One of the best pro’s is its smudging and blending abilities. Like Steadler and Mitsubishi brands, even this pencils has its range of hardness printed on all four sides on its top for easy selection. The former pencil brands are quite expensive for beginners. You can check them out from below –

buy                                                                    http://amzn.to/2l4xUWr

Mitsubhishi  Hi-uni Art pencils are one of the finest pencils on earth for sketching for professionals. It’s a bit expensive but holds a promising result. One of my shipmates had it and the feel of the pencil was mind-blowing. The leads don’t break while sharpening which is a bit common in other brands of pencils. This comes with 22 degree of tones and thus gives the user its variety over sketching.

buy                                                                  http://amzn.to/2luC6Qo

But this winter, I intend to try my hand over Ink and after searching online for the finest pen for amateur, I found Sakura Manga Comic Kit. Its simply awesome.buy                                                                   http://amzn.to/2luDq5F

It comes with five pens which includes one brush pen and one graphic pen. It has additional one 0.7mm lead pencil. Its ink is waterproof, fade and chemical resistant. It doesn’t bleed through most papers. If you are into graphic art, illustration, cartooning etc, it’s the best stop to look for. I tried few of my sketches in the last few months and the result is fascinating. You can check it below and that’s my first try with those pens. What do you say ?


I suggest for every art lover, to try their hands on it. You wont be disappointed for sure. Just makes sure, you don’t put too much pressure on its nib as they are really delicate. Rest, enjoy drawing.